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The Problem With Traditional Fire Suppressants

Fire suppressants are critical to protecting your home and business from fire. In fact, a reliable fire suppressant is the number one tool in a first responder’s arsenal. Unfortunately, many of these commonly used systems in buildings are outdated, and may not provide as much protection as you may believe. 

Here are a few reasons why traditional or obsolete fire suppressants need to be replaced as soon as possible:

They Contain Harmful Chemicals 

Fire extinguishers contain enormous amounts of PFAs (Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl) and carbon dioxide. PFAs are synthetic chemicals that can have a negative impact on humans as well as the environment. 

Many studies have shown that two classes of PFAS – PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) can cause a substantial increase in uric acid and cholesterol levels, leading to gout and kidney stones. 

Carbon dioxide (CO2) works very well at suppressing fires but amounts of CO2 required to do the job are dangerous to human health. Anyone who gets exposed to CO2 emission from a fire suppressant system could fall critically ill and some of the victims may not even survive. 

This is why it is never a good idea to use CO2-based fire suppressants in sensitive environments where humans are present, such as a building or a residential property. 

They Leave Harmful Residue Behind

The harmful chemicals inside the fire extinguishers will make it impossible for you to continue in the same place without paying thousands of dollars for professional cleaners. Whether you have a museum exhibit full of priceless artifacts or an industrial kitchen you need to protect them from fire. Traditional fire suppressants, like fire extinguishers and water, can, ironically, wreak a lot of damage on the property it’s fighting to protect from a blaze.

Why FlameOut Fire Suppressor is the Top Choice of Firefighters 

Unlike the outdated systems, a clean agent fire suppression system (Flouring Free Fire foam) uses chemicals in a gas form to displace oxygen around a fire. Clean agent systems from H&H Chemicals, like FlameOut Fire Suppressor, use chemicals in concentrations that are safe for people.

In other words, these modern systems pose no harm to people or their property. These clean PFAS-free fire foam systems are also comparatively eco-friendly since many of them don’t deplete the ozone, unlike fire extinguishers. 

Also, our foam suppression solutions result in little to no cleanup, and you can return to your routine operations very quickly.

H&H Chemicals fire suppressants are an effective way to protect your facility, without harming your employees, your assets, and the environment. Our signature product Flameout is a wetting agent that lowers the surface tension of water and helps water reach the seat of the fire faster. Since the water and Flameout are actively penetrating the hard-to-penetrate fuel sources, rather than simply sitting atop it, the chances of a rekindle are reduced. 

No PFAs, No Risk – Choose Flameout Fire Suppressants

H&H Chemicals has over 30 years of chemical processing expertise. FlameOut, our game-changing fire suppressant, is environmentally friendly, highly effective, and most importantly, free of deadly byproducts found in traditional AR/AFFF-grade fire suppressants. 

To get your very own batch of FlameOut fire suppressant, visit us at hhchemical.co or visit our products page to order directly online.