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5 Industries That Need a Heavy-Duty Odor Blocker

Many business owners don’t realize that odor control is as much important as other aspects of their business. If your establishment always “smells” or has an unpleasant odor, it won’t only discourage your employees from performing better but also drive away much-needed business.

If you work in any of the following industries, consider investing in a good-quality odor blocker to ensure foul odor isn’t damaging your business.

Agricultural Industry 

If you work with crops, dairy, livestock or equine, you know the odor of manure alone can get pretty bad. Manure also contributes to the growth of bacteria, which in turn can make the odor worse. 

Or if you own a pig farm, the odor of animal feed and slaughter can be particularly strong that can permeate the surroundings for weeks. 

If you don’t want your workers or neighbors to faint from the nasty stench, use a professional-grade chemical to stop odor in its tracks.


Imagine you enter a nice restaurant, waiting to indulge in the scrumptious dishes. Alas, there is an unpleasant odor that seems to be coming from the kitchen or the bathroom and that’s all you can focus on. 

eliminates odorsThese kinds of experiences can quickly ruin the good name of a café or restaurant, no matter how talented the chef is. There is a reason why Starbucks stopped selling sandwiches – so their stores would smell more like coffee! Odor is everything when it comes to a food joint. If people find that the restaurant’s restroom facilities are dirty and stinky, they may not come back. Also, the opposite of bad odor does not smell of roses! Instead of masking the odor with a floral spray, use a strong odor blocker so there is no odor at all. An odor blocker attacks the source of the stench itself, leaving the surroundings with a clean fragrance.

Commercial Buildings

If you work in an industry with floor drain traps that can dry out and cause sewer gases to come back up, you must have an industrial-grade odor blocker on hand. Whether it’s an office building or a manufacturing facility, where there are sewers in close proximity, using an odor blocker can help keep the premises smelling clean and fresh.

Food Processing Plants  

Industries like the sugarbeet manufacturing factories also have a reputation for creating odors on random occasions. Treatment and processing plants that deal with organic material (like sugarbeets) can emit seasonal odors since these materials are subject to decay. 

Odors can originate from deteriorating crops in storage, crop processing, or industrial water ponds. The extent of the odors can also be affected by the storage conditions and weather.

Schools and Colleges

Educational facilities, especially elementary schools are quite prone to odor-related problems. A foul odor can build up in the urinals and toilets that no amount of flushing can get rid of.

The floors and grout lines can also permeate the odor of urine and thus, need to be washed frequently. However, using a strong odor blocker can help prevent the need to wash the floors with disinfectants round-the-clock. 

The Most Powerful Odor Blocker for Every Industry

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