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4 Signs It’s Time For a Heavy-Duty Odor Blocker

Many industries are susceptible to many strange and unpleasant odors. The thing is, you can’t use a floral room spray to get rid of these smells. In fact, trying to mask the industrial stench may make it worse. 

Also, odors can sometimes be an indication of a more significant problem. You might have a sewage backup, recent fire damage, or mold growing in the walls that might be contributing to the odor problem. 

We discuss some common signs that can tell you it’s time to use a strong odor blocker. 

Musty Odor

Do you suspect a mold infestation from water damage or another cause? Mold not only smells bad, it can also be dangerous for the occupants of the affected premises. The resulting odor will depend on what type of mold it is, but it is most likely to be damp, stale, earthy, or dank. 

As the mold grows, it produces harmful gases that can completely permeate the surroundings. The first thing you need to do is call professionals to take care of the mold. Unfortunately, the musty smell can still linger afterward.

But that’s what an industrial-grade odor-blocker is for! It doesn’t cover or mask the odor – it eliminates it.

Sewer Odor

It could occur from blocked vents, damaged drain lines, or dry taps. Whatever the reason, the odor can take over every inch of your property. If you have a manufacturing plant, the odor can also affect your products. Choose a good-quality stench blocker, which will help eliminate odors permanently.Sewer smells are the foulest odors one can inhale. They are generally a mixture of inorganic gases that contain traces of methane, ammonia, hydrogen, and nitrogen. If you can smell sewage in or around your property or business establishment, your customers can too!

Smoke Odor

If there’s smoke odor in your establishment caused by fire damage, you must use an odor-controlling agent. The smell of smoke can trigger people who are suffering from asthma or other respiratory concerns. 

Using a quality odor blocker will help eliminate the smoky smell from the air, floors, furniture, and any other equipment that might have been present at the time of the fire.

Personal Complaints 

The sure shot sign that you need to take active steps to stop odor is when you start receiving complaints from your customers, employees, or neighbors. Nobody likes to put up with foul odors for extended periods – for some, it can also cause breathing issues. 

To understand the severity of the situation, consider this case of a composting company. The residents kept complaining to the company about the non-stop bad odor, but to no avail. Finally, the residents filed a lawsuit against the company and won! So, take these complaints seriously and invest in a reliable odor-blocking agent.

Get Rid of Nasty Odor for Good – Use OdorBlock

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