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4 Industries That Should ALWAYS Have a Fire Suppressant By Their Sides

Everyone has seen a fire accident at one point or another—in restaurants, buildings, and even on the streets. And even though many people don’t pay much attention to fire suppressants, their importance can never be understated. 

One of the best ways to ensure you are protected against fire hazards is by investing in a quality fire suppressor for your business. In this post, we have made a list of industries that must always have a reliable fire suppressor onsite.

Hospitals and Healthcare Industry

Almost every healthcare facility uses a considerable amount of electrical equipment on a daily basis, which significantly increases the potential for fires breaking out through overworked sockets or faulty cables. If the medical facility has a kitchen where food gets cooked around-the-clock for resident patients, the risk becomes even higher. 

Fires caused by specialized surgical or medical equipment might be less common but they happen. Electrosurgical and laser tools pose a genuine ignition hazard, while flammable sterilizing liquids and compressed oxygen tanks are perfect fuel.

Having a fire suppressant on every floor in a hospital is an important security step that must never be ignored.

Hotels and Restaurants

fire suppressorIf you have a hotel, there is a good chance that you have a restaurant as well. Restaurant kitchens are subject to a lot of cooking, and this constant exposure to fire doesn’t come without its share of risks. A clean agent fire suppression system is especially important in a hotel since there are large numbers of people staying at the hotel. Using a fire extinguisher or water sprinkler system in case of a fire may ruin the guests’ assets and hotel’s valuable property. 

The same rule goes if you own a café or a restaurant. Commercial kitchens by nature are fire hazards waiting to happen. With vegetable oils having high auto-ignition temperatures and high-energy kitchen appliances, a kitchen fire is not a hard-to-imagine scenario.

Schools and College Campuses

Even though many post-secondary school campuses prohibit students from having electrical appliances in the dorms, accidents happen. Some “savvy” students snuck in coffee machines, toaster ovens, irons, or other appliances in their rooms because security is not that tight.

Students may also plug an excessive number of things into electrical outlets, courtesy of power bars or extension cords. This can lead to an overload of the circuits and trigger a fire.

In addition, smoking indoors can also lead to devastating fire accidents. Maybe the student carelessly dumped a lit cigarette butt into a garbage can or dozed off with a lit one – whatever might be the reason, a fire suppressant can be extremely handy in these situations.

Metal Welding Industry

People who work in the welding industry routinely work with overheated metals and fire-prone machinery. If this doesn’t translate to an increased risk of fire, we don’t know what will. It’s crucial to keep high-quality clean agent suppressors nearby where the welding work is in progress.

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