Engineered to trap the worst sources of odor, physically eliminating over 95% of odor causing molecules in the air.


OdorBlock does more than just mask odors, it physicallyeliminates them all while being Eco-friendly, biodegradable,
non-toxic and non-hazardous.

FlameOut™ Fire Suppressor

FlameOut™ Fire Suppressor is an extremely effective fire suppressing agent for use on Class A and B fires.

1. Encapsulates the oxygen to effectively “starve” the fire.
2. Breaks the hydrocarbon strings to render the fuel inert.
3. Wets” water increasing cooling & penetration properties.
4. Acts as a “scrubber” knocking smoke & soot to the ground.
5. Makes water up to 7 times more effective.

Control Persistent Odors - OdorBlock

Organic or Inorganic

Untreated organic or inorganic odor-causing material from animal waste, food waste, sewage systems, sludge etc. biodegrade and release ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan and sulphur dioxide. 

Odor Control

OdorBlock’s unique formula physically bonds, absorbs and encapsulates the offending gases transforming them into biodegradable or non-odorous compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.


Controlled degradation of encapsulated materials. OdorBlock’s biodegradation byproducts are carbon dioxide and water that easily dissipate into the surrounding environment.


We have been using OdorBlock now for 3 months on our 8,000 head pig farm for odor control and couldn't be happier with the results!

What I love most about the OdorBlock product is that it's safe to use with my entire livestock. I've been able to literally spray the product around (and on) the animals without fear of causing harm.

I've tried various products over the past 10 years and nothing compared to the results I've seen with OdorBlock.